Renaissance Dam Sudan calls die African leaders to put pressure on Ethiopia

The Sudanese Foreign Minister Maryam Al-Sadiq Al-Mahdi demanded die African leaders and die African Union to put pressure on Ethiopia to reach a binding agreement between the three negotiating parties. AlNahda DamDuring the trip to Africa, die Al-Mahdi takes to die To declare their country’s position on the crisis.

Al-Mahdi confirmed on Friday die Position of Sudan in the acts of the renaissance dam, in calling for an expansion of the mechanism chaired by the African Union, as Khartoum negotiates very productively.

“Harmful and costly approach”

In addition, the Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a press statement on Friday, in the die Statements by Ethiopian officials about the agreements signed between the two countries were denounced.

She said, “Ethiopia’s claim that die Agreements are a colonial legacy is negligible, a fallacy of historical facts, “considering that” Ethiopia’s rejection of the agreements poisons the climate of international relations. “She added that” Ethiopia’s selective rejection of international agreements on domestic policy grounds is a damaging and harmful one costly approach is “and stressed that” Ethiopia’s approach does not contribute to reaching an agreement acceptable to all parties “.

It is noteworthy that Ethiopia believed that conspiracies in Regarding the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam were hatched against him.

“A conspiracy to thwart our efforts”

In a series of tweets on his Twitter account on April 25, Ethiopian Irrigation Minister Seleshi Bikley saw the dam as the country’s way out of poverty.

“It has become clear that there is a conspiracy die thwarted our efforts and undermined our very existence. So we all have to persevere and do our part, “said Beckley, adding that he is Ethiopian in Canada on the status of the dam and die Negotiations and informed die Job, die needs to be done.

In addition, he stated: “Since the Renaissance Dam is our country’s right to freely develop, all Ethiopians must in Unity and understanding stand together to face the main challenges, for the dam is our way to learn how to get out of poverty. “

The Ethiopian National Security Council announced on April 24, during its meeting with Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed, that the country is continuing the process of filling the dam a second time as planned, according to this file.

Waving law enforcement Ethiopia

It is noteworthy that on April 23, Sudan indicated that it would prosecute Ethiopia for continuing to fill in in the absence of a tripartite agreement that includes Egypt.

He drew The Sudanese Minister for Irrigation and Water Resources Yasser Abbas Until Ethiopia “protested” against Khartoum’s call to hold a summit with Egypt in mid-April after die Talks sponsored by the African Union earlier this month had failed. In a tweet on Twitter, he said: “Ethiopia declined die Invitation of the Sudanese Prime Minister Abdullah Hamdok to a tripartite summit. “

Abbas also warned that Sudan “lawsuits against the Italian execution company and against die Ethiopian government would file “if Ethiopia continued to fill up, and stated that die judicial follow-up to “die Environmental impact, die social impact and die Dangers of the dam would focus “.”

The second stage of filling

Addis Ababa announced last July that it had achieved its annual goal of filling the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam.

It is expected that die second phase of filling begins in July 2021, although no agreement has been reached with Cairo and Khartoum, at a time in Egypt and Sudan, die Both Nile Estuary countries consider this dam a threat to their water resources and continue to warn Ethiopia, which is determined to continue the project.

On the other hand, Addis Ababa believes the dam is vital to meeting the energy needs of its 110 million people.

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