Report: 53,000 Afghans evacuated in America … half of them are children

The Pentagon told lawmakers in a recent letter that about half of displaced people from Afghanistan The 53,000 brought to the United States and living in military facilities are children, which underscores the variety of challenges facing officials seeking to resettle Afghans.

It is the first time that the army has provided a breakdown of the displaced, and it has arrived in response to written questions from Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to eminent Republican Senator and Armed Services Committee member James Inhofe in the Senate.

According to the letter, as seen by the Wall Street Journal, about 22 percent of IDPs on US military bases are adult females and 34 percent are adult males.

Secretary Austin’s numerical breakdown was rough, leaving many details unsolved. The letter did not concern the number of unaccompanied minors.
Several hundred unaccompanied children were among the displaced at Ramstein Air Base in Germany, posing a challenge to base officials and aid workers there.

Report: 53,000 Afghans evacuated in America … half of them are children
Defense Secretary Austin

Senator Inhofe asked Pentagon officials to provide details on the 124,000 displaced during the US hasty exit from Kabul airport in August, in the closing days of its 20-year war.

According to UN demographic statistics, 41% of the Afghan population is under the age of 14.

The displaced are expected to remain in US military facilities for several months, US officials said, because it is expected to take a long time to resettle Afghans after measles infections and in amid the housing shortage in all over the country, as well as delays in processing identification documents …

US officials said nearly 6,000 people have resettled in American communities.

Senator Einhoff
Senator Einhoff

The United States has not yet provided a complete breakdown of the 124,000 displaced, including their nationality, gender or immigration status.

“I’m glad we finally got some responses from my colleagues on the Senate Armed Services Commission, and I asked, ‘Who are the IDPs and how does the Department of Defense support them,'” said Senator Inhove. they intend to closely monitor this process ”.

The US military did not say how much it spent to house the displaced. Earlier this month, sources said they spent $ 447 million on the Kabul airlift operation.

Congress has allocated $ 6.3 billion for resettlement efforts in a bill late last month that would give Afghans living in U.S. military facilities several months of health care, assistance in cash to help pay for rent, food and English lessons.

Austin wrote that the evacuees are staying in eight US military facilities, while Afghan displaced people are staying in US bases in Germany, Spain, Italy and Kosovo.

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