Report bug in the Instagram application in Worldwide

There have been reports of malfunctions in the Instagram application in around the world, according to various sources.

The Facebook-affiliated Instagram app announced today that it is testing a feature to notify users of service outages or glitches directly on the photo-sharing app, days after the giant’s services. social network they have been interrupted twice.

And “Instagram” said in a post on the blog that the test It will take place in United States and will continue for a few months.

The company also plans to roll out a feature that will make it easier for people to know if their accounts are in danger of being disabled.

The six-hour outage on October 4 prevented the company’s 3.5 billion users from accessing social media and to messaging services, including “WhatsApp”, “Instagram” and “Messenger”.

Earlier on Monday, many users encountered problems with Instagram, according to user reports on the Internet Down Detector monitoring group.

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