Report: Chelsea sale could be completed before the end of the season

London: A news report claimed that the sale of the English football club Chelsea could take place before the end of the season in course. And the British news agency “BA Media” has stated that Chelsea will have to complete the sale by May 31, when the temporary license expires. club released by the government, but it is known that the Todd Boehle alliance is trying to end the purchase of the club for 4.25 billion pounds ($ 5.2 billion) in this time period. Chelsea will host Watford in the final round of the English Premier League on 22 May and there is a current opportunity for Bohli to be able to finalize the purchase and become the owner of the club in time before the last game of the season. Bohli witnessed Chelsea’s 2-2 draw against Wolverhampton in the English Premier League on Saturday. (Dpa)