Report reveals farmer’s death after accidentally swallowing a fish bone!

Doctors in Sri Lanka have revealed the death of a farmer who accidentally swallowed a fish bone.

The 61-year-old man had no idea he had swallowed a 2cm (0.8in) piece.

She was found only after he was admitted to the hospital three days later complaining of stomach pains and bouts of vomiting.

Surgeons in the coastal city of Mannar who operated on him found that it had entered his intestines, resulting in a bowel movement.

This led to a life-threatening infection that led to sepsis, when the body’s immune system overreacts and begins to damage its organs and tissues.

“GI tract perforation is rarely caused by fish bones,” says Dr. Chatura Karunitelki and colleagues at Mannar District General Hospital. advanced imaging techniques are confusing.” outcome with a diagnosis of belated.

The man’s illness developed slowly over three days. When he arrived at the hospital, he was confused and his stomach was swollen and bulging. This led doctors to suspect he had septic shock.

A man with type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure was transferred to intensive care.

Scans showed that his stomach was full of fluid, a sign that his kidneys had suddenly stopped working properly, which could have been caused by sepsis.

Surgeons operated on him for two hours and found that a fish bone had caused a 5mm hole in his small intestine.

This led to fecal peritonitis, which is the medical term for an infection of the lining of the stomach caused specifically by fecal matter.

Yellow pus accumulated around the perforation, and as a result of the reaction, the intestine expanded. They cut out 10 cm of the bowel extension and drain the fluid to reconnect the healthy bowel during the second operation. But during the operation, his condition worsened.

The man died of cardiac arrest, a complication of sepsis, eight hours after being admitted to the hospital. His story was published in magazine Reports on international transactions.

Source: Daily Mail