Reporters Without Borders condemns Twitter’s suspension of journalists’ accounts

Today, Friday, Reporters Without Borders called for the reinstatement of journalists’ Twitter accounts, which were suspended by the head of the social networkElon Musk, deeming that “the abuse of major platforms” poses a “great danger to democracy.”

“Enough with the arbitrariness of platforms,” ​​Christophe Deloire told Reporters Without Borders, “the management of these platforms must become democratic before democracies completely submit to their whims.”

“We demand the immediate return of journalists’ reports,” he added, describing the incident as a “nightmare.”

The accounts of a dozen American journalists have been suspended on the social network Twitter, acquired in October by controversial billionaire Elon Musk. The group did not say why the accounts were suspended or for how long.

Some of these journalists had commented via the platform on Twitter’s decision on Wednesday to suspend the “Elon Jet” account, which automatically tracks Musk’s private plane.

Elon Musk stated in a tweet on Thursday night, Friday, stating that “accounts involved in posting personal data are temporarily suspended for a period of seven days,” noting that these rules apply “+ to journalists + like everyone else.”

Musk intended to publicly disclose personal information without the consent of its owner.

According to Reporters Without Borders, “censoring journalists and setting new rules to satisfy the president’s decisions are not the hallmarks of a healthy information space.”

“It’s time for small leaders of big platforms to push their limits in law and, in ultimately, put their products at the service of information and democracy,” the organization added.