Reporters Without Borders: Houthis are “slowly” executing 4 journalists

Reporters Without Borders accused the Houthi militia of carrying out the death sentence of 4 Yemeni journalists kidnapped in 2015, by torturing them in various ways in its prisons.

In a statement on Tuesday, the organization drew the attention of the UN Special Representative in Yemen to the fact that the lives of journalists, sentenced to death by the Houthis in 2020, face real danger.

Skull fracture

He further confirmed that “3 of the four journalists were tortured with detention for at least 45 days, including Tawfiq Al-Mansouri”, revealing that “prison authorities often took him out of the cell he shares with other inmates to torture and brutally beat him him, then put it in an isolation cell for long periods.” .

He also added, “We learned that Al-Mansouri suffered a skull fracture and is not receiving adequate medical treatment. The head injury also comes in one moment in suffers from diabetes, rheumatism and colon pain”.

No doctor visits

While quoting his brother Abdullah Al-Mansouri as saying that Tawfiq had contracted all these diseases during 7 1/2 years of detention and ill-treatment since his arrest in June 2015, and the Houthis had refused to allow any medical examinations despite his family’s pleas .

According to the organization, the two journalists, Abd al-Khaliq Imran and Harith Hamid, were also beaten for unknown reasons and locked up in two isolation cells.

get their immediate release

For his part, the head of Reporters Without Borders’ Middle East bureau, Jonathan Dagher, said the Houthis were slowly carrying out the death sentence issued against these journalists by torturing them.

Dagher called on the United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen, Hans Grundberg, to do whatever is in his power to secure their immediate release.

He also called on the Houthis to allow UN representatives to visit these journalists and to allow a medical team to come and examine them urgently.

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