Reporters without borders: Ukrainian journalist and soldier killed in ‘cold blood’

Reporters Without Borders said today, Wednesday, that a photojournalist and a Ukrainian soldier accompanying him – killed in the prime weeks of Russian war – were “silently killed” while searching for the missing drone belonging to the reporter who was taking photos in the Russian-occupied forests. . The organization announced this, citing the results of an investigation into their deaths.

The organization claimed to have returned to the site in which the bodies of Max Levin and soldier Oleksiy Chernyshov were found on April 1st in a forest north of the capital, Kiev. He added that he counted 14 bullets in the frame of theirs auto in flames, which was still on the scene. He claimed to have found abandoned Russian military sites nearby.

Apparently, he also found remains of food rations, cigarette packets and other remains of Russian soldiers. The organization said it also found some of Levin and Chernyshov’s personal belongings, including the soldier’s identification documents, parts of the body armor and the photographer’s helmet.

He added that a Ukrainian team equipped with metal detectors also discovered a bullet buried in the ground on which Levin’s body lay.

“The result of the investigation indicates that he was probably killed by one and possibly two bullets fired at close range when he was already on the ground. A petrol container was also found near the site. in Chernyshov’s burned body was found, “the organization said in a declaration.

Reporters Without Borders said its findings “show that the two men were executed without a doubt.”

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