Representatives from 15 countries discuss the development of the Arab Union for exhibitions and conferences

In response to the kind invitation of His Excellency Sheikh Jabr bin Youssef Al Thani, President of the Arab Federation for International Exhibitions and Conferences, and under his presidency, the General Assembly of the Federation was held in Cairo with personal participation and videoconference ( Zoom), with the participation of the trade unions of the top of the trade fair sector, in which 40 Associates participated, most of them from the first generation of the founders of the union, representatives of government institutions and organizing companies and services for exhibitions and conferences from 15 countries Arabs, to review the latest developments of the Arab Federation for international exhibitions and conferences. And consider approving the union’s statute and work plan at the next stage, selecting the auditor, terms and application mechanisms for joining the union’s board of directors, and choosing the appropriate date for conducting of the next general assembly.

It was decided to form a committee headed by the union president to communicate with the Arab League, the Secretary General of the Arab Economic Unity Council and all interested Arab authorities, to present an initiative to unify efforts to build an Arab union unique and effective, without excluding anyone, with the aim of correcting the path, in so as to ensure the increase in the efficiency of the services it provides.The union is for the affiliated members of the Arab exhibition and congress sector, and raises this sector in compliance with the standard international.

On the other hand, and to activate the activity of the Union, which was set up by the leaders of the exhibition sector in 1995, under the auspices of the League of Arab States, to represent and serve the Arab industry of exhibitions and conferences, and which joined the Arab qualitative unions operating within the Economic Unity Council on 3 December 1997 with resolution no. 1070 / D 66 and the current member of the Forum of specialized Arab federations sponsored by the League of Arab States.

A committee has been formed to follow the union’s activities in the next phase, working to implement a series of practical programs and projects, which help implement the union’s work plan and develop the services it provides to its members and workers in the exhibition sector. , provided that the necessary financial and human resources are allocated to ensure the success of programs and projects and the achievement of the Union’s objectives.

In consideration of the role of the media in the construction and shaping of mental images, and of the union’s need to build a new mental image, in light of the new vision it adopts, which responds to the aspirations of its affiliates for the Arab fair industry, and anticipates the services provided to them in compliance with the standard international, it was approved to form a committee for publicity and i media, which employs experts and specialists in this field.

To complete the conciliation procedures of the trade union situation with the host country, continuing the construction of the organizational structures, the final approval of the statute and the formation of the new board of directors, it was agreed to hold the next general meeting as soon as possible in presence in Cairo.