Republican AG sues the school district over record CRT

Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt sued in school officials judgment in Springfield for asking exorbitant fees to respond to his request for record on their teaching of critical race theory (CRT).

The it causes, which was filed on Tuesday in Greene County Circuit Court, said the Springfield borough violated Missouri’s open records law for avoid transparency on use of CRT in student curricula and teacher training materials.

Springfield Public Schools employed CRT in teacher training for at least two years, the state said, including a “Matrix of oppression” what groups people in categories of “oppressed” And “privileged” based on factors such as skin color, gender, sexual orientation, and religion.

Schmitt submitted his application for registration under the “Law of the sun” in October, only to be told that its office should pay a deposit of more of $ 37,000 for Springfield Public Schools a begin looking for for the documents him wanted. claimed in the cause that the deposits can only be required for photocopies and that the district has a legal obligation to keep the cost of satisfy a request for record starting from possible.

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Activist says has' 1,000 soldiers locked and loaded 'to defend CRT

Activist says has’ 1,000 soldiers locked and loaded ‘to defend CRT

Stephen Hall, spokesperson for the school district, said the Associated Press that the Republican AG is using his office to “attack public education” and that Springfield Public Schools don’t teach CRT. Rather, he said, the district focuses on “equity” to do the city schools “Safe for all students and staff “ And “Any deliberate attempt to misrepresent this important work, specially for political purposes, it is shameful indeed. “

“Antiracist” ideologies such as the CRT have come under scrutiny year like parents and more critics they argue that such resumes are racially divisive and anti-American. The schools argued that CRT is not taught in classrooms and is used as a bugbear for score politic points.

The Missouri lawsuit has several examples attached of CRT related training materials intended for transform The Springfield Teachers in “Anti-racist educators”. The materials examples cited of “hidden white supremacy”, including education funding through property taxes, speaking of “color blindness” and stating that “all lives matter.” A presentation also condemned Columbus Day celebrations e former President Donald Trump “Make America Great Again” slogans as examples of hidden white supremacy.

The district also taught teachers that white supremacy is “A highly descriptive term for culture us live in – a culture that places white people and everything associated with it with them (whiteness) as ideals “.

Approximately 170 employees in the Springfield district attended a course that included an introduction to the CRT and more more than 3,500 staff members were subjected to the obligation “equity” training, according to the cause.

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we mother accuse the school board of teaching her daughter she was “BORN BAD” because she is WHITE

Schmitt said that when pressed by his office, the district admitted that it provided equity training to all students in the so-called “GO CAPSULES” program for junior and senior high school for the past three school years. The 2020 course asked students to “Analyze your identity e how it influences your beliefs, your behaviors and your experiences “. It also tuition included on “Unconscious bias” And “microaggression”, as well as advice on how students can interrupt colleagues and supervisors to educate them on problems of race, national sexual origin and orientation.

Recommended by the District Equity and Diversity Advisory Council in April 2020 implemented by Springfield Public Schools “Culturally relevant teaching strategies” and mandate “Identity and equity training” for all students, from elementary to high school, the cause says. The goal was to improve student understanding of themselves and others “through a lens of equity”.

The district plans to launch a new diversity curriculum for first-graders last year but he didn’t, in part because students were working remotely during the Covid-19 pandemic, the cause said.

Before this year, Springfield Public Schools has formed a committee for review the current curriculum for its cultural relevance. Another initiative would have included a scorecard to evaluate the social-justice you deserve of the curriculum, including mathematics courses.

Schmitt asked the court to order the Springfield borough to immediately provide all required documents and pay civil penalties for violating the Law of the Sun.

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