Republican Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Praises NYC Democrats’ Pressure on Biden Over Migrant Crisis

Republican Texas Governor Greg Abbott Discusses Immigration Crisis in New York City

Republican Texas Gov.

During a rare visit to New York City, Governor Greg Abbott of Texas praised Democratic Mayor Eric Adams and Governor Kathy Hochul for pressuring President Biden on the “national crisis” of over 116,000 migrants arriving in the city since last year. Governor Abbott spoke at the conservative think tank, the Manhattan Institute, highlighting the magnitude of the issue.

The scale of the crisis

Governor Abbott compared the situation in New York to the ongoing crisis faced by Texas, stating that what the city is experiencing is only a fraction of the problem Texas deals with daily. Last year, Texas apprehended more than 2.3 million individuals attempting to cross the border illegally, exceeding the population of Houston, which took over 200 years to accumulate. The governor also predicted that this year, around 2.4 million people are expected to cross the border illegally.

The role of the Biden Administration

Abbott emphasized that the increasing influx of migrants is a direct result of the policies implemented by President Biden. He criticized the current administration for not enforcing existing immigration laws and allowing for this chaotic situation to unfold. Abbott highlighted that just three years ago, the number of border crossings was at its lowest in four decades.

A national crisis

Addressing New Yorkers, Governor Abbott stressed that the United States is facing an extraordinary challenge and referred to the situation as a national crisis. He quoted mayoral and gubernatorial officials from various cities, including Chicago and Los Angeles, who have also declared the current situation unsustainable and chaotic.

Securing the border

Despite Texas’ efforts, including the allocation of over $9 billion to Operation Lone Star, Governor Abbott argued that the Biden administration continues to hinder Texas’ security response. He accused the administration of endangering the country by allowing people on the terrorist watchlist to cross the border.

Seeking change

Governor Abbott urged New York officials to pressurize President Biden for more than just financial assistance. He called for a change in policy in order to address the consequences of an open border. Abbott also expressed concerns about the potential threat of terrorists entering the country through the porous border.

Reactions from Hochul and Adams

However, Governor Hochul and Mayor Adams did not welcome Governor Abbott’s praise. Governor Hochul declared that she would not take advice from Abbott and instead called for collaboration between Republican colleagues in Congress and President Biden to tackle immigration reform. Mayor Adams’ spokesperson criticized Abbott for using the issue for political gain instead of supporting comprehensive immigration reform.

Addressing the issue collectively

While the Adams administration did not clarify their stance on a border wall, Deputy Mayor Anne Williams-Isom encouraged Congress and the White House to come together and formulate comprehensive immigration reform so that individual jurisdictions do not have to tackle national issues independently.

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