Resident Evil Showcase start time and date revealed – PS1 remasters, Village demo coming?

Resident Evil Showcase start time and date revealed – PS1 remasters, Village demo coming?

The start time and date for the next Resident Evil Showcase has been revealed by Capcom (Image: CAPCOM)

Capcom has penciled in the time and date for the next Resident Evil Showcase. The second Resident Evil Direct-style stream – which be hosted by Brittney Brombacher once again – is airing on Thursday April 15, with a start time of 11pm UK time / 3pm pacific time. And as Resident Evil fans wait for the stream they can jump into the Resident Evil Re:Verse open beta which has just launched.

In a trailer announcing the next Resident Evil Showcase, Brombacher said: “Capcom’s giving you a look at a new trailer and gameplay for Resident Evil Village, along with a few other surprises as well.

“In the meantime, the open beta for Resident Evil Re:Verse is now live – so you can check it out while you wait.”

What these “surprises” turn out to be remains to be seen.

But Capcom originally announced the April 2021 Resident Evil Showcase in a blog post which talked about the RE 25th anniversary celebrations kicking off.

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So we may find out more information on how Capcom plans to celebrate a quarter of a century of Resident Evil.

And there’s one rumour that long-time fans of the series – which first debuted on the PS1 back in March 22 1996 – will surely be hoping makes a return.

In the run-up to the first Resident Evil Showcase being aired rumours began circulating that Capcom could be working on a remaster of the original PS1 Resident Evil trilogy.

So this would be a spruced up version of Resident Evil, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

These rumours were sparked by the official Resident Evil Twitter account posting videos of the inventory screens from the PS1 era games.

But eagle-eyed fans spotted that these screens had a number of differences from the original – some subtle, some not so subtle.

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The biggest differences was spotted in the inventory screen for Resident Evil Nemesis.

In the video Capcom shared on Twitter the inventory screen in RE3 saw its maximum number of items increased from 10 in the original to 14, with other UI changes such as Jill Valentine’s character portrait being removed, the equipped windows and ECG section being removed and much more.

Fans were left wondering why Capcom had gone so much trouble to tinker with the UI for these videos, and speculated this could be a sign of PS1 era games getting a remaster to mark the Resident Evil birthday.

However, the first Resident Evil Showcase came and went without a peep about any such remasters.

Resident Evil Showcase

The next Resident Evil Showcase takes place on April 15 (Image: CAPCOM)

We’ll have to wait and see whether Capcom pulls this out of the bag for next week’s Resident Evil Showcase or not.

But it looks like we have found out about one announcement that will be dropping soon.

It’s already been confirmed that a second Resident Evil Village demo is coming, and that this playable teaser will be more combat orientated.

And in the run-up to next week’s event MP1st has spotted that a new Resident Evil Village demo has been uploaded to PSN.

It seems this demo has been primed and ready ahead of a release date for the demo possibly being announced during next week’s RE Showcase.

Resident Evil Village is out next month, launching on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, PCs and Google Stadia on May 7.

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