Residents of other planets can send us encrypted messages

Theoretical physicists believe that intelligent alien civilizations can send quantum messages to Earth.

A journal Physical Review D. notes that, according to researchers, light particles or photons can travel long distances without losing their quantum properties.

This means that scientists who are looking for signals outside of Earth may be looking for quantum messages from civilizations on other planets.

As you know, scientists are currently developing quantum communication technology on Earth, which uses quantum particles to transmit information. This communication method is potentially more secure than traditional communication. If there are intelligent aliens, they should also master this technology.

According to the researchers, the main obstacle to quantum communication is quantum decoherence, a phenomenon in which a quantum particle loses its “quantum” when interacting with a dense and aggressive medium. And since the quantum state is very sensitive and external influences can easily “destroy” it, there are many difficulties associated with working on quantum computers, for which scientists have created special error correction systems.

But because the average density of matter in space is much lower than on Earth, the particles are expected to travel farther before breaking apart.

Scientists at the University of Edinburgh have calculated how far light, especially X-rays, can travel without being “damaged” in interplanetary space. It became clear to them that X-ray photons can not only cross the Milky Way, but also reach distances of hundreds of thousands of light years.

Based on these findings, the researchers are exploring strategies for finding quantum messages from other planets.

Source: News. Ro