Responsible for the first mills: 900 thousand tons of flour produced annually in Saudi Arabia

Abdullah Al-Babtain, CEO of the First Mills Company in Saudi Arabia revealed that the Kingdom’s total annual flour production is around 900,000 tons, and this amount is equivalent to over 20 million bags weighing 45 kg.

Al-Babtain said “mills” are one of the Kingdom’s most important vital sectors, due to the strategic importance of this sector in supporting national food security.

Al-Babtain added that the mills have tried, from the beginning of their inception, to maintain the supply of all the needs of flour and wheat derivatives, serving citizens and residents, as well as visitors and pilgrims. , according to the Okaz newspaper.

Al-Babtain explained that the Mills are constantly striving to maintain high balances, as currently there are estimated to be more than 450,000 bags weighing 45 kilograms in its branches, which are pumped into the markets to cover the market’s needs for flour, and a plan operational has been developed to cover all requirements to satisfy any request. Possible future to ensure local supply of all needs.

The Mills helped balance supply chains during the period of the Corona pandemic, covering 4 regions (Mecca Al-Mukarramah region, Al-Qassim region, Tabuk region and Eastern region) as well as several different regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia .

On the production front, the grain storage silos have a capacity of 210 thousand tons for all branches, while the daily operational capacity of milling grain is 4200 tons.

The quantities produced annually of all types of forage are approximately 225 thousand tons and the quantity is equivalent to a maximum of 4.5 million bags of 50 kg. In addition, packs of 1 kilogram are produced at a rate of 30,000 packs per hour and 10 kilograms at a rate of 600 bags per hour, as well as 1,800 bags of baking flour per hour.

Al-Babtain added that a 1kg pack is sold at 2.5 riyals and a 45kg bag of baking flour is sold at 22 riyals, noting that these prices are not found. in nowhere in the world.

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