Restrictions imposed by Houthis on flights by international organizations via Sana’a airport

The Houthi militants have announced the imposition of restrictions on the flights of all international organizations operating in Yemen, via Sana’a International Airport, starting today, Saturday, to protest against the decision of the Yemeni airline to stop selling tickets for its flights in the areas of influence of the militia in the north of the country.

Press sources loyal to the Houthis said the General Authority of Civil Aviation, controlled by the group, had taken the decision not to allow any flights of international organizations to land at Sana’a International Airport except on Fridays. of each week, starting from the date of March 31st.

Media platform “Yemen Future” cited such sources as saying that this decision came against the background of the suspension of the leadership of Yemeni Airlines company, travel ticket sales between Sana’a _ Amman through its offices and travel agents in the areas of influence of the Houthi group.

Yemen Airways management last week accused the Houthis of freezing the company’s bank accounts in areas under their control, and warned that this measure would lead to the suspension of flights through Sana’a International Airport.

The Yemeni government has condemned, in previously, the Houthi group froze Yemeni Airlines balances in banks located within the group’s areas of control.

Yemeni Information Minister Muammar Al-Eryani said these measures threaten to stop paying employees’ salaries and disrupt all services provided by the company to all citizens in various governorates.

Yemen’s information minister has called on the international community and the United Nations to take a firm stand against these “practices that threaten to further complicate the situation” and put pressure on the group to lift restrictions on national carrier balances and not involve in political conflicts.