Resurrecting PlayStation 4 DNA: Hellblade 2 – A Game that Embodies the Immersive Storytelling of the PS4 Era

The Impact of Hellblade 2: Senua’s Saga on Xbox and the Gaming Industry


Resurrecting “PlayStation 4 DNA”

Hellblade 2 is the first Xbox game with Playstation DNA. Like the first installment, it will be a single-player game with lots of storytelling, a visual style original and an immersive staging embodied by actors highlighted for their performance and their involvement. The title is therefore totally in line with the specifications of the great games of the PS4 era which have made the success of PlayStation studios in recent years. However, this style of play is no longer Sony’s priority, which now focuses on service play. So it’s a good project that can pay off for Xbox, Hellblade could probably embody the most vivid and immersive story in the modern catalog. It could also put Xbox much higher in the esteem of the public at the level of its internal productions. On top of that, this kind of title is very mainstream and would therefore make the brand shine, a very good thing for Xbox which had a heavy deficit as explained in the video above the article.

The First Redeemed-Transformed Trial

Xbox has, in 2018, bought many studios and launched many projects. Unfortunately, not all of them were successful. With the promise, made to acquired companies, of having complete freedom over their projects, some were failures like Redfall whose developers prayed for son cancellation upon redemption of the studio. Other projects have been, the video in the header names them. To prove that the Xbox strategy works, it takes a clear and net, which is Hellblade 2. We could tell ourselves that this is the case for Starfield, but the project began to develop well before, in 2015, so it is not really the fruit of the takeover. On the other hand, for the second opus of Hellblade, the project is really developed thanks to Xbox. Before the Ninja Theory takeover, the team behind the game had only about twenty developers, today there are more than 130. They now have all the time and money necessary to be able to release a good title. by 2024, when it is announced.

A story that touches everyone

In the first Hellblade, the player embodies Senua, a warrior from the Pictish tribes. She will live the myth of Orpheus and Eurydice with the only difference, here the story takes place in the north. The legend of Orpheus is simple and the video above the article tells you about it. Some details change however, you will have to explore the Nordic hells, and you will play a warrior who must beat monsters. In terms of scenery, the landscapes are magnificent and your character’s face is very expressive. A very good idea from the title is what happens with Senua’s arm. Indeed, with each Game Over, a curse devours his arm, which adds a lot of pressure. Hellblade 2 will be the direct sequel to the first part and will therefore be in the same vein.

Extra-ludic resonance

Hellblade 2 could bet on its extra-ludic resonance. That is to say, the game will go further than the gaming through awards, promotions, TV sets, categories dedicated to acting and performance technique. For example, the previous opus had won numerous awards that the video above the article details for you.. This is an important thing because today many franchises are being adapted into TV series or movies like The Last of Us, God of War or even Mario. On the other hand, at Xbox, there is no game that could have son adaptation aside from Halo, which didn’t have great feedback, or Fallout, which doesn’t have a standout character. Hellblade has, therefore, everything you need to have son show TV or son feature film.

The perfect embodiment

The interpreter of Senua is Melina Juergens, who is basically an editor and not an actress. The video above the article explains the reason for this choice. His background is extremely atypical and unusual compared to many games that use real stars to play the roles. In addition to that, the character resorts to modern fights on which the studio worked hard while donating money to charities. Senua’s story is well imagined. She is a strong woman who, despite the constraints to be discovered in the franchise, is perfectly embodied by the actress. She quickly became an iconic face in the catalog.

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