Retreat of Sea Water Causes Sensation in Lebanon and Egypt: Experts Explain

The withdrawal of sea water in Lebanon has unleashed a state of panic among the population, In a similar incident in the Egyptian Sinai, while the pioneers of social work broadcast images and video clips on Sunday documenting the “decline of sea water” in the Adloun Region, with the appearance of cracks in the rocks of one of the beaches, prompting experts to comment.

The National Council for Scientific Research in Lebanon issued an explanatory statement on the phenomenon of retreating waters of the Mediterranean Sea along the Lebanese coast.

Sea water receding

The National Council for Scientific Research said in a statement: “Many media And social media are circulating stories and observations of seawater decline and low levels along the Lebanese coast.”

And he continued: “Furthermore, media internationals had already talked about the decline of sea water in many countries of the Mediterranean basin. In view of this, the National Center for Marine Sciences, affiliated with the National Scientific Research Council, reports that the decline of seawater is scientifically linked to the movement of tides, which can be stronger.

The statement adds: “The National Geophysics Center of the National Council for Scientific Research reports that there is no truth to what is being spread about the retreat of the sea due to the inevitability of the arrival of tsunamis, in as no earthquakes have been recorded in the Mediterranean that could cause such waves.”

Cracks in the rocks of the beach

Video clips and images showing “the retreat of sea water” in the Lebanese region of Adloun and the emergence of cracks in the rocks of one of the beaches have caused a sensation in the country.

People in the region confirmed that the observed scenes were strange, expecting that what recently appeared in the Adloun Sea could be caused by the earthquake that hit Turkey and Syria.

While other activists saw that the earthquake and aftershocks had nothing to do with what the south coast witnessed, pointing out that the scene is very normal, while the cracks that have been photographed may be old and have nothing to do with the aftershocks.

In this context, a seismology expert explained that the recent aftershocks or earthquakes have nothing to do with the lowering of the sea water level in that region or in any other region.

Uproar and fear of earthquakes

In addition, residents of the city of Arish in the Sinai governorate confirmed that they had been surprised since Saturday by a marked decline in the Mediterranean coast off the city of Arish and a number of other beaches in the Al-Rawaq area in the city of Bir al-Abd in North Sinai.

The residents added that the decline of the beach ranged between 10 and 15 meters, a phenomenon that occurs for the first time without specifying the reasons for its decline.

However, the head of the National Institute for Astronomical Research in Egypt’s Jad Al-Qadi has stated that what has been circulated about the withdrawal of water from the banks of the Sinai is not correct.

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