Reunion of ‘Boy Meets World’ Cast with 90s Icon Mark-Paul Gosselaar: A Fun-filled Weekend at 90s Con Tampa

Boy Meets WorldPlenty of ‘90s Icons Reunite at ‘90s Con Tampa

Over the weekend, the cast of the beloved TV show Boy Meets World had a heartwarming reunion at ‘90s Con Tampa. Danielle Fishel, Will Friedle, and Rider Strong, among other cast members, appeared at the convention in Florida, sharing their fun-filled moments on social media. To add to the excitement, the trio even had an unexpected encounter with another ‘90s icon, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, and playfully joked about his striking resemblance to James Van Der Beek from Dawson’s Creek.

Mark-Paul Gosselaar’s Connection to Boy Meets World

Mark-Paul Gosselaar, best known for his role in Saved by the Bell, had previously taken part in the Boy Meets World rewatch podcast called Pod Meets World. During the podcast episode, Gosselaar revealed that he occasionally gets mistaken for being part of Boy Meets World instead of his own show. In fact, he jokingly admitted to deliberately sending his friends memes featuring James Van Der Beek, as he believes their resemblance is uncanny due to their similar long names, starring roles on teen shows, and overall appearance. It seems like Gosselaar and Van Der Beek could easily pass as twins!

A Memorable Meet-up at ‘90s Con

Fishel, Friedle, and Strong had the chance to meet up with Gosselaar at ‘90s Con and shared their excitement by posting a photo on Instagram. In their caption, they humorously mentioned being “thrilled” to meet Van Der Beek, which may have puzzled some unless they were familiar with the inside joke from Pod Meets World. Regardless, it is undeniable that the former Boy Meets World star and the former Dawson’s Creek star bear a striking resemblance to each other. The fortuitous encounter with Gosselaar was made even more special as Fishel, Friedle, and Strong had previously shared a photo with Van Der Beek while promoting Gosselaar’s episode on Pod Meets World. The timing couldn’t have been more perfect, as Gosselaar’s episode had just been released at the beginning of the month and ‘90s Con took place a couple of weeks later.

Hopeful Fans and Unexpected Guests on Pod Meets World

The fans are eagerly hoping for James Van Der Beek to appear as a guest on Pod Meets World, which would be a dream come true. To further add to the excitement, it would be incredible if Van Der Beek and Mark-Paul Gosselaar could have a rendezvous at one of these conventions, giving fans a delightful double take. This is something that fans worldwide yearn for. Nevertheless, while fans await these possibilities, they can content themselves with the interactions provided by the Boy Meets World crew, which is definitely better than nothing.

Pod Meets World: A Show Beyond Boy Meets World

Despite being a podcast centered around Boy Meets World, Pod Meets World has featured numerous stars who were not part of the TGIF series. Mark-Paul Gosselaar, Jodie Sweetin, Andrea Barber from Full House, and Melissa Joan Hart have all appeared on separate episodes, invoking a wave of ‘90s nostalgia. Although James Van Der Beek may no longer be based in Hollywood, fans hope that he will soon make an appearance on the podcast to continue igniting nostalgic feelings.

Where to Watch Their Iconic Characters

If you’re longing to revisit the iconic characters portrayed by James Van Der Beek and Mark-Paul Gosselaar, you can stream Dawson’s Creek with a Max subscription and enjoy the Saved by the Bell revival with a Peacock subscription.

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