Reuters: Gasoline prices rise in Sudan at 362 pounds per liter

A Reuters witness said gasoline prices in Sudan rose today, Thursday, by 42 Sudanese pounds to 362 pounds per liter, while diesel prices also increased by the same 42 pounds, to 347 pounds.

There were frequent increases in fuel prices at the start of questyear, with Sudan finalizing a phasing out of fuel subsidies, which now aims to implement global pricing.

And since last October 25, Sudan has experienced a serious crisis, when the head of the army, Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, declared a state of emergency in the country, dissolved the Sovereignty Council and the transitional ministers, dismissed the governors and party leaders, ministers and officials arrested, in change of continuing protests rejecting these measures.

Al-Burhan also issued a decision a few days ago to dissolve all boards of government companies and national agricultural projects.

In another development, the French Foreign Ministry claimed that the events in Sudan threaten the Paris Club mechanism that allows rich countries to write off what they owe to Sudan.

The ministry said in a note that an agreement “was reached on July 15” within the Paris Club, “in under which every creditor must sign a bilateral agreement with Sudan “.

“It is clear that the recent events of 25 October threaten this mechanism,” he added, five months after Paris decided to write off about $ 5 billion of Sudan’s debt.

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