Reuters: Saudi Arabia revokes the ban on imports of Brazilian meat from 5 factories

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture and a document seen by Reuters reported that the Saudi Food and Pharmaceutical Authority lifted the ban on imports of Brazilian meat from five meat-packing companies that was imposed this month for health reasons.

The document released by authorities on Thursday shows that The five factories are now authorized to ship beef to the Kingdom.

The Brazilian Ministry of Agriculture confirmed to Reuters that the Saudi government has lifted the suspension.

Sales of Brazil, the world’s largest beef exporter, to some countries, including sales to the largest Chinese customer, have been suspended due to the detection of the disease.

The ministry said two abnormal cases of mad cow, which develops spontaneously and is unrelated to the animals’ consumption of contaminated food, have been detected. in two meat factories in the states of Mato Grosso and Minas Gerais.

It says it poses no danger to human or animal health.

Data from the Brazilian Association of Meat Exporters shows that Saudi Arabia is the ninth buyer of Brazilian beef.

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