Reuters: Sudan authorities confiscated all Hamas assets on its soil

Reuters reported Thursday that Sudanese authorities have managed to confiscate all assets of the Hamas movement on its territory.

The agency added that Hamas assets and properties in Sudan have been an important resource for its business for decades.

According to Egypt, the activities of Hamas in Sudan included hotels, real estate, multipurpose companies, land and money exchanges.

Reuters confirmed that Sudan has stopped all transfers of funds to Hamas and to the accounts of companies and individuals working for it.

It is noteworthy that the Sovereignty Council in Sudan revealed important details about a failed coup attempt.

The board stated in a statement Tuesday evening that the coup attempt was led by Major General Abdel-Baqi Al-Hassan Othman (Bakrawi), along with 22 officers of varying ranks and a number of non-commissioned officers and soldiers.

take the power

For his part, Defense Minister Yassin Ibrahim Yassin confirmed that preliminary investigations and investigations into the coup attempt indicated that the goal was to seize power and undermine the current regime for the transition period.

Yassin said Tuesday in a press release that all participants whose names were mentioned in the investigation were arrested, noting that the interrogation of this group is in completion phase to clarify the details.

He also explained that the coup attempt was aborted in short time, without causing any loss of life and property.

Furthermore, he added that the regular forces are continuing their collaboration with the revolutionary forces for the democratic transition.

These statements came after an emergency meeting of the Security and Defense Council chaired by the President of the Sovereign Council, Lieutenant General Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan, on Tuesday evening, with the aim of taking stock of the security situation in the country after the failed coup d’etat. attempt.

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