Reuters: The European Union did not reach an agreement on the Russian oil embargo today

A source familiar with European talks over the imposition of a Russian oil embargo told Reuters that no agreement was reached on Wednesday, noting that EU envoys will meet again on Thursday.

And European Commission President Ursula Vo der Leyen announced today that the European Union will step up its pressure on Moscow by imposing a gradual embargo on oil imports and new sanctions, “so that (Vladimir Putin) pays a heavy price” for its war Ukraine.

“In this way we send a strong signal to all who are waging the Kremlin war in Ukraine: we know who you are and you will be held accountable for your actions “, said Der Leyen, presenting the outlines of the sixth batch of sanctions to the MEPs meeting in Strasbourg.

The proposal was delivered from Tuesday evening to Wednesday evening to the Member States which were asked to approve it, but it must be approved unanimously.

A diplomatic source made it clear that names could be deleted and proposals softened, noting that the stated goal is to enter in force before May 9, which in Russia is celebrated as “Victory Day” over Nazi Germany.

The president of the European Commission admitted that “it will not be easy”, saying amid applause: “Putin must pay a heavy price for his brutal aggression” against Ukraine.

For its part, Hungary today expressed its regret for the lack of “guarantees” to guarantee the country’s energy resources.

One of the European officials stressed that “each new package of sanctions against Russia is more difficult to adopt because it imposes political options on each member state . Unanimity is required and there are no guarantees for their adoption”.

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