Reuters: The production of the El Sharara field in Libya was halted after the short-term recovery

Two engineers working at the El Sharara oil field told Reuters that production at the Libyan oil field stopped again on Monday after resuming for a short time.

On Sunday, Libyan Channel 218 reported, citing an unidentified Libyan Oil Corporation source, that the El Sharara oil field had been restarted.

The source added that this comes after a two-month hiatus.

Two engineers working in the Sharara field confirmed the matter to Reuters, stating that oil production had resumed from the field.

The blockade, which was hit by groups in southern and eastern Libya due to political demands, prompted the Libyan Oil Corporation to declare force majeure over the production of several major oil fields and ports.

The office media of the National Oil Corporation in Libya said last April that the country was losing more than 550,000 barrels a day of oil production due to the blockade imposed on major fields and export ports.

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