Reveal leaks and scandals die Truth about Fauci’s position on Corona

New leaks and scandals revealed die Truth about die America’s First Doctor, Fauci, Position on Corona.

Dr. Anthony Fauci, director of the US National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and senior medical advisor to US President Joe Biden, told CNN on Thursday morning that an email die he last year by an executive of the in the US-based EcoHealth Alliance had been misunderstood.

Fauci received some criticism after sending thousands of his emails online were posted due to an email, die was broadcast last April by an executive at a global nonprofit, die contributed to some research at the Wuhan Institute for Fund Virus Research.

Our society is completely insane

“Our society is completely insane.” That is one of the answers in the emails to the director of the American Institute of Infectious Diseases, Anthony Fauci, die die Situation and reality with the start of the corona epidemic in the United States revealed conditions.

Hundreds of messages, die leaked from Fauci’s post showed that he had many calls from high-level infectious disease experts at the start of Corona in America had received die the level of panic and confusion in showed the early stages of the epidemic.

At a time when the famous specialist was fighting on all fronts at the start of the pandemic, the White House was playing die Risks down and bat him to portray the outbreak on his terms.

While die Media hungry for replies, Fauci’s email inbox was constantly filled with messages from officials, the public and celebrities, die Giving advice and information about die Health crisis sought.

Panic and turmoil

Thousands of documents and emails, die die The Washington Post and BuzzFeed showed the pressure on medical professionals.

Also showed die Reports of how much chaos, panic and turmoil there was at the time, in addition to the great difficulties with which Fauci as a prominent figure in the White House Coronavirus Task Force.

During that time, the infectious disease expert told the Washington Post, he received all sorts of questions, mostly from people die were a little confused about die numerous statements, die came from the White House.

Among the messages was also one in the Fauci spoke of the “crazy people of this world”, die die Politicized the crisis, forcing him to eventually assemble a full-time security team in the face of threats from extremists and critics.


Among the most prominent correspondence, die die Newspaper published, belonged die Details of his differences with White House officials, particularly his disagreements with Mark Short, then Assistant President Mike Pence.

Although die The message was not clear enough, according to the newspaper, it indicates the extent of the tension at the time.

And in Correspondence with colleagues in other countries, such as in response to George Zhao, director of the Chinese center for die Disease control and prevention.

Zhao seemed to ask Fauci’s forgiveness for a “big mistake” made by him in Reference to his American counterpart in an article about the beginning of the crisis die Attributed to the United States, die Do not advise the public to wear masks.

Messages from Gates and Zuckerberg

Some of the most visible emails are die by wealthy or influential people.

April 2020 Fauci remembered a conversation with Microsoft founder Bill Gates, in to which he wrote, “We Hope for a Collaborative Approach to COVID-19” with the Gates Foundation.

There is also news from Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg about the establishment of an information center on the corona virus in received on social media.

A message was also received from actor Morgan Freeman, who offered, on his Twitter page, die has a hundred thousand followers to publish educational messages about Corona.

The newspaper described die all correspondence from Fauci as being polite, which he always concluded with his name, and was interspersed with some humor when he once received a letter from an unknown person containing funny and false messages about him personally and forcing him to reply with saying : “You will be blown away … Our society is really completely insane.”

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