Revenues of real estate agents in Dubai exceed a billion dirhams in 7 months

Real estate brokers active in the Dubai real estate market said that the real estate brokerage business has posted revenues that have exceeded a billion dirhams in the past seven months, according to the Al Bayan newspaper.

The intermediaries explained that the real estate sector was among the economic sectors that have been affected by the repercussions of the “Corona” pandemic, but the real estate brokerage companies have mobilized all the efforts of their employees; To allow international investors who flocked to Dubai on the eve of the pandemic to own their own homes, in particularly the rich.

According to the newspaper, intermediaries play an important role in the market, in what is invoked to attract investors from all over the world and to highlight the distinctive characteristics of the real estate market; Therefore, the Dubai Land Department, “Dubai Lands”, has developed a comprehensive system to protect the rights of intermediaries in every transaction that they manage to conclude after the conciliation between the two parties of the sale and purchase.

Interestingly, the Dubai Land Department has launched a special application It bears the name “Dubai Brokers”, and is considered the first of its kind in the worldProvides accurate and up-to-date information on Dubai licensed real estate brokers and Department licensed and approved real estate companies.

The application allows investors to check the status of the real estate agent and if it is registered with the department. This application helps to preserve the rights of customers and is characterized by speed and trust and provides smart and safe buying and selling of real estate.

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