Reverse the course of events . Twitter may soon accept Musk’s offer

While attention is focused on Twitter’s fate after American billionaire Elon Musk offered to buy it for $ 43 billion, the bluebird is working to close the deal as early as this week.

After 10 days of showit appears that the platform has made a decision after a meeting between the two sides held on Sunday, in a major turn of events, the Wall Street Journal reported Monday in a reportage.

A definitive agreement is close . without prove!

The two sides met and agreed with the exception of a few issues, according to people familiar with the matter.

However, they pointed out, however, that there were none prove concluded that a final agreement had been reached between the two parties, despite yesterday’s consultations.

Increased pressure on the platform

Interestingly, informed sources have announced that Twitter is under increasing pressure from its shareholders to negotiate with Elon Musk, although the richest person in the world described his $ 43 billion offer to buy the platform. social networking as its best and ultimate offering.

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The sources added, on condition of anonymity, that while Twitter shareholders have differing views on the deal’s fair price, many of them reached out to the company after Musk outlined his plan to fund the acquisition last Thursday. asking not to leave the opportunity. to reach an agreement with him slip through.

He also revealed that one of the options available to the platform’s board is to try to persuade Musk to make a better offer, as perhaps asking for offers from potential investors is another option.

View and order a mask

Twitter was expected to turn down Musk’s takeover offer in the middle of this month, which didn’t explain how the deal would be funded.

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The Blue Bird has also moved, trying to stop Musk from taking over through a scheme called “poison pills”, which aims to allow investors in it to realize the full value of its investment in the company by reducing the possibility that anyone can acquire it without paying a premium to shareholders or giving more time to the board of directors.

Interestingly, Musk had recently acquired a 9.2% stake in Twitter and offered to buy the entire company for $ 54.20 per share and exit the Wall Street stock exchange.

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