Review of the comic n. 1 of Marvel’s Darkhawk

of 2021 Darkhawk boldly reimagines one of Marvel’s most iconic heroes of the 90s. Fresh off the heels of For Darkhawk’s 30th anniversary, writer Kyle Higgins and artist Juanan Ramírez joined forces up to create the foundation for a new champion honoring the legacy of Chris Powell. The first issue provides a fresh origin story which makes Connor Young a likeable and recognizable lead character, while also dealing with often overlooked medical problems in mainstream media. These elements help Do Darkhawk # 1 a great jumping-on point for fans looking to immerse yourself in the cosmic adventures of Marvel or its charming teenage heroes.

Darkhawk # 1 opens up with the introduction of Connor Young, a high school basketball player star with a bright future. One day, Connor leaves out for a run and is struck by a sudden feeling that causes him to fall and hit his head on a nearby sidewalk. At the hospital, Connor is diagnosed with multiple sclerosis, which threatens his basketball career. After talking with doctors and his father, Connor feels lost. He goes for a walk, only to find himself captured in the viewfinder of a disastrous robbery in processes. As Connor tries to crawl through the rubble of a collapsed building, a mysterious amulet finds and gives him heroic powers beyond imagination.

Writer Kyle Higgins presents a new iteration of a classic character in Darkhawk # 1. Higgins is very efficient with his script and provides a lot of background information to help readers get emotionally involved in Connor, a skill perfected while creating new heroes in Radiant black. Connor is a lovely little boy who And faced with the sudden realization that her life, like him currently you know, it is over. This makes Connor’s journey a fascinating origin story. The sudden appearance of Darkhawk arrives in one moment in which Connor is at his worst, carrying with it’s a moment of triumph that is sure get fans typhus for the young hero. Long fans of Darkhawk will be pleased to see what his legacy is in good hands.

Juanan Ramírez has a difficult task with this issue, as is the artist responsible for drawing be the drama of Connor’s medical diagnosis and the epic action of The return of Darkhawk. Fortunately, he succeeds in every conceivable way, allowing the scenes to take on theirs unique identity as needed. One of the way in which it does is by manipulating the perspective of key shots, using foreshortening to increase the intensity of an explosion or warped images to resonate with Connor’s disease. Erick Arciniega’s colors complement Ramírez well. When Connor is home is tired of his condition, Arciniega uses a muted palette to immerse yourself in emotion of the scene. Elsewhere, Darkhawk’s fight with masked gunmen is full with vibrant shades of purple and orange, which create an otherworldly atmosphere.

The end of Darkhawk features an interview between Kyle Higgins and the comic creator Brooke Pelczynski. Pelczynski is an artist with multiple sclerosis who consulted with the creative team to ensure which accurately represented Connor’s story. It is rare and unique insights into the process of do a new hero and this conversation shows the thought process behind Certain decisions made in the issue. Every issue of Darkhawk want feature an interview with someone from MS community. It is refreshing to see this level of transparency from a major comic book publisher e should help readers gain a better understanding of multiple sclerosis.

With a wealth of action and heart to sell, Darkhawk # 1 provides a great origin to the new hero of Marvel. Kyle Higgins, Juanan Ramírez, Erick Arciniega and others of the creative team to have successfully reinvented a classic from the 90s for the modern era. While the final destiny of the original Darkhawk remains must see, Connor Young has already proven to have the cards in rule to be a hero in his right.

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