Revokes decision to detain Paris bombing suspect on health grounds

French authorities have decided to lift the detention order for the suspect who killed three Kurds in Paris on Saturday for health reasons, while he was transferred in a police psychiatric hospital, according to the prosecutor’s office.

“The doctor who examined the suspect late in the afternoon concluded that the state of health of the person concerned did not comply with the detention procedure,” the Paris Public Prosecutor’s Office said.

“Therefore, the detention procedure has been lifted in awaiting presentation to an investigating judge when his health conditions allow it”, he added, underlining that the investigations are continuing.

On Saturday, the French prosecutor announced the extension of the arrest of the 69-year-old suspect, who killed three Kurds with a pistol on Friday and wounded three others in Paris, and indicated that the investigation was also based on the examination of the racist plea.

life sentence

Investigations now focus on allegations of murder, attempted murder and gun violence, as well as racially motivated violations of gun legislation.

“The addition of this order does not change the maximum possible sentence, which remains life imprisonment,” the prosecution said.

The man confirmed he was fired for being “racist,” a source close to the investigation said on Saturday in course to determine the reasons.

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The source said the suspect, who was seized before police intervention, was arrested with a “small bag” containing “two or three magazines full of cartridges, and a box of .45 cartridges containing at least 25 cartridges”, confirming the information published by the French weekly “Le Journal du Dimanche”.

He also explained that the weapon used was a 1911-45 Colt pistol, which “looks old.”

Accidents have happened in a road near a Kurdish cultural center in a commercial district frequented by the Kurdish community. The shooter had committed violent acts in passed using a weapon.

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