Revolutionizing Street Racing: Need for Speed Unbound Update 1.000.021

A new update for Need for Speed Unbound, known as Update 1.000.021, has recently been released. This update is accessible across all gaming platforms, as well as on PC. Players can now download this update, which introduces bug fixes, improvement updates, and patch notes for the game. It is worth noting that the file size of this update may differ depending on the gaming platform being used.


  • The latest update for Need for Speed Unbound, Version 1.000.021, brings players an array of exciting new features, modes, and customization options. This comprehensive update caters to both drift enthusiasts and drag racing aficionados while enhancing the competitive landscape with “The League” and new community challenges. Let’s dive into the detailed aspects of these updates.

Drift Mode Redefined

Unleashing Precision and Control

  • With the introduction of Drift Mode in Vol. 7, Need for Speed Unbound has upgraded drifting to a whole new level. This feature is tailor-made for players who revel in curve control and meticulous throttle dynamics. Drift Mode presents an overhauled handling model specifically designed for drift builds, ensuring unmatched control and intricate mastery over each drift. Furthermore, the update integrates drift playlists into both Player vs. Player (PVP) and Free Roam modes, making drifting competitions more accessible and engaging.

Drag Mode Revamped

Experience the Raw Essence of Street Racing

  • For those who crave an adrenaline rush in straight-line speed battles, the new Drag Mode is a perfect addition. Ditching traditional circuits, this mode immerses players in the essence of street racing with an emphasis on manual gear shifts, strategic lane changes, and impeccably timed nitrous boosts. This mode challenges up to four players, ensuring that the race is about more than just having the fastest car—it’s about the skill of the sharpest driver. Drag playlists have also been incorporated into PVP and Free Roam, offering a fresh burst of competition and excitement.

The League: A Nod to NFS Underground

Reviving Competitive Spirit

  • The League, a tribute to the beloved NFS Underground, injects new life into the competitive aspect of Need for Speed Unbound’s single-player experience. Within Free Roam, players can now engage in head-to-head battles against new Rival Racers, striving to win unique, one-of-a-kind rides. This feature is further enhanced by a community challenge, encouraging collective efforts to unlock the final boss and claim an exclusive custom vehicle. With regularly appearing rivals and the promise of new leagues, this mode demands strategy, skill, and community collaboration, pushing players to cement their status among street racing legends.

New Rides: Drift and Drag Superstars

Introducing the Powerhouses

  • Vol. 7 rolls out the red carpet for two exceptional vehicles: the BMW M3 Competition Touring ’23 and the Ford Mustang Dark Horse ’24. The BMW M3, known for its agility, and the Mustang, famed for its raw power, are both primed for drift and drag builds. These vehicles offer extensive customization options, including multiple unlockable body kits. Additionally, two sets of Rare Customs for these cars, inspired by NFS Underground and featuring a special Speedhunters collaboration, bring a unique flair to your garage.

NFS Legends

A Blast from the Past

  • The introduction of NFS Legends content pays homage to classic NFS characters and vehicles. This volume includes Underground-inspired PVP playlists featuring iconic rides such as Eddie’s Skyline and Rachel’s 350Z. Additionally, players can unlock Melissa’s Eclipse through the Premium Speed Pass, rekindling memories and adding a nostalgic layer to the game.

Speed Pass

Unlock a Trove of Customization

  • With a new volume comes a new Speed Pass, packed to the brim with customization options spread across 45 tiers. The highlight of the Vol. 7 Speed Pass is the BMW M3 Competition Touring ‘23, complete with multiple body kits for thorough customization. The Speed Pass also includes XP Boosts to expedite your Rank and Speed Pass progression, offering a robust route to new content and personalization. Here are some key highlights:
  • Featured Car: BMW M3 Competition Touring ‘23
  • Body Kits: Multiple customizable body kits for the BMW M3 Competition Touring ‘23
  • Custom: Underground-Dragster BMW M3 Competition Touring ‘23
  • Character Skins for Multiplayer: Anechka, Boost, and Waru
  • Cosmetics: Rims from Equip, Rotiform, and more
  • And More: A total of 45 tiers of unlockable content

Premium Speed Pass

Exclusive Benefits and Rewards

  • The Vol. 7 Premium Speed Pass takes customization and content unlocking to the next level, offering immediate access to the new Ford Mustang Dark Horse ‘24 and its three body kits. This premium track also includes three additional Rare Custom versions of the new cars, including two original Speedhunters designs. The Premium Speed Pass introduces a plethora of new customization options, such as LED and LCD rims and plates, music-reactive parts, and individual tire smoke customization. With 30 tiers of premium content, players can truly make their rides reflect their unique style.
  • Featured Car: Ford Mustang Dark Horse ‘24
  • Body Kits: Multiple body kits for the Ford Mustang Dark Horse ‘24
  • Custom: Speedhunters Edition (Drag) for the Ford Mustang Dark Horse ‘24
  • Custom: Speedhunters Edition (Drift) for the BMW M3 Competition Touring ‘23
  • Custom: Underground-Drifter for the Ford Mustang Dark Horse ‘24
  • NFS Legends Custom: Melissa’s Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX ‘99
  • Cosmetics: Music-reactive customization parts
  • Cosmetics: LCD License plates and rims
  • Signature Style VFX: Rip Up, Burn Up the Road
  • And More: A total of 30 tiers of premium content to unlock




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