RHOC – Vicki Gunvalson Responds To Charges She Is Homophobic After Her Diatribe Of Reunion Against Braunwyn Windham-Burke

Vicki Gunvalson, the star of Real Housewives of Orange County, made the headlines after the reunion of season 14 because of his rant against debutant Braunwyn Windham-Burke. CO CO had a serious problem with Windham-Burke’s wild behavior in his first season in the series, and Gunvalson really didn’t like Windham-Burke sharing a kiss with Tamra Judge in front of Bravo cameras.

Gunvalson yelled at Windham-Burke, telling him to do these things off camera. She said it was 15 years ago and she started the series, and “we don’t do that”. This has led many fans to accuse Gunvalson of being homophobic, and now the 57-year-old is fighting back.

“I’ve seen things on social media that people describe as homophobic. I’m going to hit him head on – I’m not homophobic,” said Gunvalson in an Instagram video. “I have family members who are gay and lesbian and I obviously have Bravo fans, personal friends. I am not [homophobic].”

However, Gunvalson has a problem with Windham-Burke, and she said she doesn’t think it’s appropriate for the seven-year-old mom to chat with someone on TV. Gunvalson said it doesn’t matter if Windham-Burke gets along with her husband or the judge, she still thinks the behavior is inappropriate and that these things should be done off camera.

Gunvalson explained that this is something no one needs to see, and she is sorry if people have taken it differently from the truth. She also said that Windham-Burke “bothered her”, so she doesn’t like what she does.

Bravo demoted Gunvalson to a “friend” role for season 14, while Windham-Burke took his place as a full-time cast member. Gunvalson said at the meeting that she thinks the beginner’s behavior – that is, kissing and nudity – is disrespectful, and Windham-Burke replied, “It’s not because I choose to kiss women that I am classless. “

Kelly Dodd pointed out that Gunvalson should also be mad at Judge, which has caused a big fight among the actors. Even though the RHOC cast defended Windham-Burke, Gunvalson continued to yell at her to “refuse” because she was new to the show and the kids were watching.

“You are not my boss!” Said Windham-Burke. “That’s who I am. I didn’t come on the show to give you the best version of me. I came to the show to be me. And you can’t decide that.”


New episodes of Real Housewives of Orange County will return to Bravo in 2020.

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