Richard Grieco sobs while reserving charges of public intoxication in Dallas

Actor and director Richard Grieco was crying when police booked him into public intoxication last week at Dallas Airport. Images obtained from the TMZ outlet showed that the actor appeared confused and upset as he struggled to answer questions from the authorities.

Police later arrested the actor at 21 Jump Street and took him to the station. The star admitted to having consumed two vodka and cranberry drinks while waiting for his flight. Because of his alleged behavior, Richard was handcuffed by the police and taken from the airport terminal.

As the police pulled him out of the building, Richard could be heard crying and saying the words over and over, “but I didn’t do anything wrong.” Another police camera showed the actor at the station accusing the police of having chosen him only because he was “famous”. “

Following a breathalyzer test, the star’s blood alcohol level was 0.17, about double the legal limit. As noted above, Richard is perhaps best known for his role in the film with Channing Tatum and Jonah Hill, 21 Jump Street.

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However, Grieco has already worked on other projects. In a Dread Central report from about two years ago, the actor gave an interview about the film he co-directed, Clinton Road, which he and the other actors and team members shot At New York.

The film stars Bo Dietl, Erin O’Brien, Ace Young, Vincent Pastore, as well as rapper-actor Ice-T. The film revolved around the famous Clinton Road, which was a 16 km route known for its supposed paranormal and supernatural events.

In addition, the rumor also says that it is a burial place for the crowd and their victims. The film presents a group of brave teenagers as they struggle against a sadistic and satanic cult. In conversation with Dread Central, Grieco explained that making the film was an “arduous task”.


Richard told the branch that many strange and unexplained things happened, including phones that went out, generators that went out, among other strange things. The co-director noted that he was super excited that people saw the project, which he described as very “real”.

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