Rick Carlisle closes silly talk about Mavericks needing more Kristaps Porzingis post-ups

That’s it, guys. Rick Carlisle makes your point.

The Mavericks coach did everything he could to silence any arguments about Kristaps Porzingis’s style of play after the Dallas 102-98 win over the Spurs on Thursday night. Porzingis has been criticized – mainly by NBA on TNT analysts Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley, for the lack of touches around the basket. Carlisle talked about the chatter surrounding Porzingis after the game, telling reporters that a post-game position is “a low-value situation”.

(His response begins around 3:50 in the video below.)

(embed) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BlQu-V-crI4 (/ embed)

But that’s not what Carlisle should say. Let’s run through his incredible hunt.

“Post-up is no longer a good game, not a good game, not a good game for a 7-3 guy, it’s a low value situation. Spaces beyond the 3-point line, you know, we’re a historically good aggressive team and when some of our guys get in there, our efficiency is exponentially reduced, that there are some situations that make sense. If we can get it to a roll in the color going to the rim, that’s a good situation and that’s that we are looking to do with all our types.

Among players with at least 70 positions after winning this season, Porzingis ranks dead last in points per possession (0.59) per NBA.com tracking stats. Only Joel Embiid (1.15) and LeBron James (1.04) are more than one point per possession in the group.

Overall, the Mavericks have the offensive rating of no. 1 in the NBA from a complete point above the Bucks – and have the best point in league history.

Again, the top crime of all time now. How can you tell Carlisle he’s done wrong here?

“We really don’t publish anyone up, but after a few moments we write about Luke (Doncic) when he has a real little kid, but even in those situations, the value of those situations has collapsed. This game has changed, it has changed, is a fact and he is a man who, when crossing over the arc, over the break, is a historically great 3-point shooter with incredible performance and the thing I like about his game, where he is now, is that his readings have taken off Better. His distance is such that when people run into him he now drives the ball straight for dunks. He throws some really cool lob passes at (Dwight) Powell. I mean you got a 7-3 guy throwing a 6 -10 guy in a pod? That’s great if you ask me. “

Doncic has recorded 21 total items since 2019-20, but has a high percentage in those situations (1.33 points per possession, 9 of 16 from the field). The only other notable post-up player on the volume list is Boban Marjanovic, who averages 10.5 minutes per game.

It’s a bit of a stretch that says Portzins is historically great beyond the arc. He has dropped to 33.5% from 3 points this year and 35.6% for his career. However, there are no comparable shooters in his size and the defenses have to respect him at the perimeter.

Oh, and big to big pods? Yeah, pretty cool.

And now for the finale …

“Let’s get away from all this stuff about KP needing to get in place, he doesn’t, he isn’t, I’m ok with him coming in once, but we’re not sending anyone. It’s nothing personal against him. Look, he used to do it because he ran the triangle for two or three years when he was (with the Winners) Who’s running the triangle now Has anyone seen running the triangle offense? If you do, raise your hand because I want to see who you are, because i haven’t seen it.

“Look, it stopped disappearing when Phil Jackson left, he’s the only person who has ever had any success with it, he’s a genius and a teacher, but look, we have to get out of this thing. I have to treat him with some respect and to respect him for what he is, he’s a historically great player and stopped criticizing him for being 7-3, that’s what everyone is doing, I don’t care who he is. Whether they’re people on television or whatever. “

It is worth noting that Porzingis was much more effective in post-ups (0.96 points per possession) over the last year with the Knicks. However, even if he managed to move closer to this level, increasing those games would go far beyond the Mavs’ main offense.

No one tells Porzingis that he can never run out of position again, but if a team can throw the ball to an elite talent like Embiid, it is better to use a transition as a change of pace rather than a fundamental aspect. an offense.

If Carlisle had a prime Shaq in the paint, he might have changed his music. But he has Porzingis and uses it properly.

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