Rihanna is the first woman of color to have spent more than 200 weeks in the top 200

Rihanna marks another important step after this latest achievement. It proves once again to the world the reason why it breaks a record and creates new trends.

Even if Rihanna was mainly interested in fashion and beauty space with her companies, it is still she who managed to dominate the charts Billboard.

The Shade Room reveals that RiRi “just made history as the first black woman to spend more than 200 weeks on the charts.”

TSR also writes that “Riri knows that the Navy is extremely supportive. She wants new music. She wants it now, but maybe she’ll be satisfied with this new good news about her queen. @HNHH_Official reports that Rihanna is now the first black woman to spend more than 200 weeks on the Billboard 200 chart. “

Rihanna has managed to cross this course with her album “Anti” of 2016.

That’s been part of the Billboard chart since its inception, about three years ago. “What’s even more impressive is that since the release of” Anti “, she has not produced any music as a solo artist,” notes TSR.

Someone commented, “I had it in an intense rotation, so half of those numbers I have lol .. let’s drop something else.” Kiss him best “is my national anthem.”

One adept said that “Sis has not released music since 2016 and is doing better than your favorites now.”

RiRi, a fan supporter, also said, “She wanted to make a classic album with Anti and she did it,” while another Instagrammer said, “Without releasing an album in three years.” This reign of Rihanna just do not let go. “

As you probably already know, Rihanna fans have begged her to release new music, but she seems more focused on her other activities right now.


In addition, Rihanna has been surrounded by all kinds of rumors related to pregnancy.

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