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Rishabh Pant spices up Swipe-up moment for die Moja community


India wicket-keeper and batsman, pants is die first Indian cricketer too join the growing moj community. Pants increasing popularity and die growth of sports content on Moj make it an ideal platform for he connect with his fans.

Pants are shared exclusively content of his cricket tours, exciting action moments from the changing room and funny banter on Moj. The 120 million strong month active Moja community can now just Swipe up to get a little glimpse in its to get practice Meetings, daily routine, solemn moments and others behind-dieScene videos.

Has pants announced his entry on Moja with an exciting video.

Speaking of which of Rishabh Pant told the association, “As a fun-loving person, I love to socialize with new people and keep up with the latest Trends and pop culture. That got me to Moj since mine die Platform a much needed one escape in a ‘world of Fun’. I am excited to create some exclusive ones content and give a glance of my private life and all die work that’s going to be a cricketer. My fans will see a unique, little known side of me on Moja with lots of never told stories come way. “

Shashank Shekhar, Director, Content Strategy and Operations, Moj Said, “Cricket Fever Is Always” on a high in our country and it’s pretty exciting die Gen Z to have sports Sensation Rishabh pants on Moj. We are confident that he will not only die sports content Category but also to carve out new Trends with his unique Style. The moja community can now experience and celebrate their love for the game with die inspiring pants. “

Moj has expanded its content tail with a focus on multiple niche content Categories including travel and adventure, sports and wellness, nature, Infotainment and food among others.

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