Rittenhouse calls out Biden over ‘defamation’

Kyle Rittenhouse, cool off an acquittal after being accused for the deaths of Two men to a protest last year, said President Joe Biden may have illegally slandered him by implying that he is a “white supremacist”.

In his first media interview after his acquittal last week, 18-year-old told Fox’s Tucker Carlson that the president of the United States may have committed an act of defamation, adding that him should I learned the facts of the case before weighing in.

“Mr. President, if I could say one thing for you, I urge you to go back and attend the trial and understand the facts before making a statement “, Rittenhouse said, referring to aa video posted online by Biden’s team who used the image of the teenager next to the words “white supremacists”.

It is true malice, to defame my character, for him to say something like That.

Rittenhouse also took aim for a lot of the media coverage of his trial – in which was accused for killing Two men and injuring a third of them overnight of protests and riots last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin. His lawyers claimed he fired in himself-defense, and eventually a jury acquitted him of all the expenses.

“It’s actually quite hysterical how no one can go back and look at the facts of the case: ‘He crossed state lines’ – false. “He’s a white supremacist” – false” Rittenhouse said, naming common tropes that have appeared repeatedly in to press coverage. “Nobody of this is true, and the lies they can just escape with the spread is just disgusting and it is a shame for this country ”.

However, without singular out any outlet by name, the teenager said he hopes there will be “accountability for their actions “ one day, noticing “I really good lawyers who they are taking care of that in this moment.”

Main current medial Rittenhouse's approach will be cause more    chaos and pain for America racially divided

TO KNOW MORE: Main current medial Rittenhouse’s approach will be cause more chaos and pain for America racially divided

Rittenhouse wouldn’t be the first youth in last few years to take news agencies in court for botched and defamatory coverage. Following a dispute in 2019 involves Catholic high school students and a Native American activist in Washington, DC, teenager Nicholas Sandmann took CNN and other outlets in court over their repeated representation of him as a ‘racist.’ While a $ 250 million dress against the Washington Post and another $ 275 million lawsuit against CNN have both been settled out of court with no dollar disclosed amounts, Sandmann is thought to have made off with a significant award.

Come on of The acquittal of Rittenhouse last week, Sandmann wrote to column for the Daily Mail drawing parallels between their cases. He urged Rittenhouse to submit his own cause to “hold the media responsible,” claiming that news outlets had held to “public execution “ of Rittenhouse before his trial even ended.

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