Riyadh Chamber: 1,745 jobs available for Saudi men and women

The Riyadh Chamber has invited young men and women who wish to work in the private sector to register in the localization forum for the Central Procurement Markets and Retail Catering Outlets sector, organized by the Chamber represented by the customer service sector and by human resources and the Labor Market Committee, in collaboration with the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development.

The forum offers 1745 vacancies with the titles of Purchasing Manager, Marketing Specialist, Treasurer, Catering Vendor, Secretary, Client Accountant, General Accountant, Marketing Manager, Customer Service Manager, Public Relations Manager, Retail Manager, Manager sales representative and sales representative. representative and administrative employee.

This step is part of the House’s efforts Employ Saudi men and women in the private sector through cooperation with business sector institutions Riyadh region.

The Chamber has invited those who intend to fill these positions to register their data via the link https://bit.ly/3HODH9Y.

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