Riz Ahmed once considered for “Udta Punjab”

Cinema 2016 Oudta Punjab was a success but Riz Ahmed was in fact considered for the role of Tommy Singh, not Shahid Kapoor.

As the film wrapped up five years, screenwriter Sudip Sharma revealed details during the casting of the role of Tommy Singh.

Sudip said that the team initially hoped to launch Riz Ahmed in the role after having watched son performance in Somnambulist.

He admitted that the filmmakers never thought of casting a Bollywood actor for the role.

Sudip explained: “We also dabbled with the idea of Riz Ahmed at one point of time.

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“We never thought of a Bollywood actor for this role (Tommy Singh).

“We thought, why don’t we go for an Anglo-South Asian character?

“Because we really have wanted all that london stuff in he. And Rice is a great actor.

“And I remember walking out of Somnambulist, he had a small-ish part in this film.

“He was not that big a star, so we weren’t that unrealistic and stupid about it.

“I remember calling Abhishek and telling him, ‘Yaar, aap please imagine Dekho, he’s exceptional and he can really play the part of Tommy.’

“Wishes can be horses when you throw. “

Oudta Punjab was directed by Abhishek Chaubey and he also with Alia Bhatt, Kareena Kapoor and Diljit Dosanjh.

The film was loosely based on drug abuse by young people population in Punjab and the various plots surrounding it.

Shahid Kapoor played Tommy Singh, a young and successful Punjabi musician who leads a luxurious lifestyle but is addicted to cocaine.

by Shahid role as Tommy saw it win numerous awards, including Best Actor (Critic) at the 2017 Filmfare Awards.

On the theme of the film, Shahid had said in 2016:

“I do not have know there was a issue like this (drug abuse in Punjab).

“When I read the script of Oudta Punjab, I was worried for my brother, my family and for the youth in general.

“I understood why an honest film which does not color it was not made.

“Most of time, as actors, we show people the beautiful side of life, but why forget the real Questions.”

On the work in front, Shahid will be seen in the sports Drama Jersey. The movie is set release on November 5, 2021.

Meanwhile, Riz Ahmed arrive off The version of Mughal Mowgli. His next the film is the thriller of science-fiction Invasion.

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