Road to Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris blocked by protesters.

Today, French cities are witnessing strikes in different sectors and demonstrations that should be massive to reject the pension reform law, which the French government approved a week ago using a constitutional article without the need for a parliamentary vote. closed on the ninth day the road leading to Charles de Gaulle airport, north of Paris Strikes and protests for pension reform. And the unions in France have said today, Thursday, will be another day of nationwide unrest and demonstrations, and protesters rejecting the retirement law shut down train stations in the southern cities of Nice and Toulouse on Wednesday. . The unions have vowed to break the power of the government and have it withdrawn from its law to reform the pension system, while the government is strict in enforcing the law it deems necessary. Protest demonstrations are taking place in amid a large security presence, as the authorities recruited 5,000 security personnel in Paris alone. And the French news agency said the protests were staged for the ninth time since January 19, and it was the first time the government approved its pension bill without voting for it. in Parliament.

Yesterday, Wednesday, French President Emmanuel Macron commented on the escalation of protests against the approval of an amendment to the law on the pension system, and stressed that no crime or violence would be allowed. Macron stressed the need for the law to enter in force by the end of questyear, inviting the trade unions to return to dialogue. The French president said the law that raises the retirement age from 62 to 64 will continue its democratic path, which foresees its review by the Constitutional Council in the coming weeks, underlining that it cannot be transformed in law until the Council approves it. Yesterday, Wednesday, French President Macron said that reforming the pension system “is neither an amusement nor a luxury, but it is necessary because it is in the public interest”, referring to the deteriorating financial situation of pension funds and the aging of the population of the country. Opponents of raising the retirement age reject this step, describing it as unfair, especially for women and workers in heavy professions.

The head of the reformist union, the French Democratic Confederation of Labor (CFDT), Laurent Berger, accused French President Macron of lying, in response to his accusation that the unions have not presented a proposal for an agreement with the government on the reform of the pension system. Berget said the union presented a plan to reform the pension system, and that the idea of ​​unifying pension systems in France had been his idea since 2019, and he added that Macron falsifies history and lies to hide his failure to find a parliamentary majority to pass his unjust reform. Opinion polls show a large majority of French oppose the pension reform law and the government’s decision to pass the bill without a vote in Parliament.

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