Ronaldo renews the stadium of his childhood

Greatness begins with a goal, “commented Nike in a video he shared on his Instagram account, in who spoke about the renovation of a stadium in the Funchal community in Madeira, in Portugal, to celebrate the new record by Cristiano Ronaldo as top scorer for the men’s national team.

Nike titled the video: “His desire to be the greatest player in the game has pushed him and football to constantly new heights. This is more than just another goal scored – this is another goal achieved.”

Nike indicated through its official website that Ronaldo spent his early childhood years in this stadium, which includes a goal designed with special meaning for Ronaldo, his commitment to setting personal goals to become one of the best football players in the world.

The Portuguese newspaper “Record” had claimed that Nike had decided to build a football stadium and a basketball in special style in Madeira, in Portugal, the birthplace of Ronaldo, to celebrate his historic milestone. The newspaper pointed out that Nike wants to celebrate Ronaldo’s milestone, after he became the national team’s all-time top scorer.

Ronaldo wrote on his Twitter account: “Whatever you want to achieve in life, it is important to set goals in So that you have something to work on, even if they are small goals, reaching them gives you great concentration and a sense of accomplishment ».

AKACORLEONE shared, through his account on “Instagram”, the photos of the refurbishment of the stadium he had under his supervision and vision, commenting: “I was honored to be part of this fantastic project, as I designed the target after the installation, and was given an illustrated chronology of his career in 15 scenes, depicting the places that have shaped it, the moments of play that have immortalized it and the accolades it has earned and continues to earn “, adding:” Thank you, Nike, for trusting me in this project.”

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