Root targets for positive England answer afterwards social media Verification

Ollie Robinson’s test debut at Lord’s last Week was spoiled when offensive Paceman’s Twitter Posts – posted in 2012 and 2013 – were highlighted.

The 27-year-old had an impressive one debut on the field in the series-Opening draw with New Zealand, however, is now suspended while die ECB conducts an investigation.

It was later reported that contributions from several England players about the test and one-Day set-ups are also is looked at.

However, Root is now hoping for a full switch of focus back to the matter die England is trying to get one series win over die Black caps in Edgbaston.

“We want to move forward in a really positive one way“Root told BBC Sport.

“We had face up to some ugly truths past Week or so and it will be challenges moving forward.

“But die group of players We are now very committed moving the game forwardto do better place, I’ll do it more inclusive and educate us.

“We have to go up front up to what happened, but ultimately us want to move forward in a really positive one way, go on, go on on we started this journey of try to improve our sport.

“We’ll keep doing this because that is how we all feel. “

A crowd with fast capacity of 17,000 will be in Edgbaston be allowed there die Coronavirus restrictions are relaxed and Root aims to on a show for die Viewer, according to his team received some criticism for hold out for a draw on the final Day at Lord’s instead of trying to get a 273-run chase.

“We are all very much aware that we in The conversation business, “Root, who wants to dispel every idea of his team be negative, told reporters.

“We all want be a part of those games, those special games die provide entertainment. They are the ones at die You remember.

“The, die glue in My mind is die WM final, Headingley, Cape Town – die, die on die Nerves go, they are die, at die one as player, and want to have big Contributions in.

“I look at die Situation in who we found ourselves in and I still feel that we are made the right decision [at Lord’s]. We turned up Here with an opportunity, win the series, if not part of die exam championshipbut it’s a test match and that means hell of much to the players and the group.

“We are very interested in in five days of strong cricket this week and win the series. If die When opportunities arise, we will definitely be aggressive.

“Not me want us be viewed as negative team who play a boring brand of cricket.

“We have some very exciting ones players who are capable of a couple of wonderful passages of cricket and hopefully it will come light in this week.”

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