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Roses and a folk song for “Al-Annabi” and an exhibition match… This is how Gaza supports Qatar at the World Cup

Gaza – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: The many roses distributed free of charge by the owner of a flower shop in the Gaza Strip were not the only event in which the inhabitants of the besieged Strip expressed their joy at the imminent launch of the World Cup in Qatar, being the first Arab country to organize this global event, where a number of popular and other sporting events have been launched. In the past two days, the Gaza Strip has witnessed numerous sporting and popular events, while preparing to organize other events in the coming days, to express its support for the State of Qatar, which hosts this great world event. In addition to the large poster that was posted at the Saraya Crossroads, one of the most important junctions in the Gaza Strip, and which features a photo of the Qatar national team, and alongside expressions of support for the team in the tournament, the Qatar Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza decorated its building located in western Gaza City, in occasion of the celebration of the World Cup. The committee lit up its headquarters in burgundy, the color of the Qatar national team, and placed banners with the championship logo on the balconies overlooking the via main.At night, on one of the main walls, he turned on a video projector showing an advertisement about the World Cup, which passers-by on Al-Rashid Street overlooking the Gaza Sea can watch from outside. Also, the light poles in that street were decorated with the flags of Palestine and Qatar, and the flag of questlast was printed on the World Cup flag for the tournament in course. This came after Maher Abu Daqqa, who lives in the southern Gaza Strip and owns a flower nursery, distributed 30,000 flowers free of charge to Strip residents, to celebrate the World Cup hosted by Qatar. This young man placed the quantities of roses that he had collected from the nursery on a large table, and behind him he placed a banner with the inscription: “A free flower distribution campaign in occasion of the World Cup in Qatar 2022”. Maher distributed flowers to passersby, including university and school students, boys and girls, drivers of public and private transport. Commenting on this gesture, she said: “Qatar has always helped the Palestinian people and has performed several miracles in terms of reconstruction in the Gaza Strip”, indicating that he wants to take this initiative as a gesture of gratitude to Qatar. It is known that Qatar has financed many large infrastructure projects in Gaza, including the paving of main roads and the construction of a residential city and a specialized hospital, and still provides monthly support to the gas station and poor groups of the population. In the south of the Gaza Strip, precisely in the city of Khan Yunis, a sporting event was held which simulates the start of prime World Cup matches in Qatar, through a football match that brought together the team of Khan Yunis, who played under the name of “Qatar national team”, with his counterpart Shabab Rafah, who played under the name of “Ecuador national team “. And a large banner was placed in the sports stadium that hosted the tournament saying, “I am Palestinian and I support Qatar… the effectiveness of the simulation of the opening match of the World Cup,” where Qatar and Ecuador play the match of opening. There, the fans raised the Qatari flags in the context of expressing their encouragement for this Arab team, as the match ended in a draw, one goal for the same. The “Champions” Sports Academy also organized a sports march entitled “Palestine to the World Cup”, starting from the Academy to the headquarters of the Qatar Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, in commemoration of the independence of Palestine e in solidarity with the State of Qatar in its illustrious World Cup venue. The academy said the sports path “led in their every step feelings of love and joy” and invited the participants to wear the Palestinian captain’s armband, while the academy praised the outstanding preparations for the World Cup. And in support of the Qatar national team, “Al Annabi” , a Palestinian song has been released, the words of which, which are in line with the songs of Palestinian heritage and the popular Dabkeh, they recite: “Oh Qatar, oh the pride of Arabism, an embrace that unites the entire planet.” Dahyah.” The al-Funun troupe, who performed the popular and lively dabkeh to the tune of the song, recalled an aspect of Palestinian folklore, with the words: “Put the blood money on the blood money (the hand). The song also shows clips of the Qatar team scoring goals in previous tournaments and clips showing Qatar’s great preparations for the tournament and stadiums which have been built recently. And footage of Palestinian youth residing in the State of Qatar has been circulated on media sites, performing Palestinian Dabkeh in a street there, rejoicing in the organization of this global event. The Qatar Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, in coordination with the Palestinian Superior Council for Youth and Sports, distributed invitations for a celebration to be held at the Saad Sayel Sports Hall in Gaza City, in the occasion of the launch of the World Cup activities, in one moment in which these activities start in the State of Qatar. Interestingly, the Palestinian Football Federation and the Palestinian sports family have announced their support for the State of Qatar in the face of the challenges it faces in hosting the 2022 World Cup. In a statement a few days ago, the Federation affirmed its support for Qatar, in particular regarding the “racist attack” that “Tenacious” is facing aims to undermine the exploits it has made for the success of this hosting, which Qatar has in all respects demonstrated its ability to achieve the highest levels of organization and management, and to overcome the standard international and continental to host tournaments. The Palestinian Federation referred to Qatar’s success in hosting the Arab Cup, which it said had had “unrivaled” success.


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