Royal Caribbean Cruises: Institutional Investors Increase Holdings by 29.8% in Q3 – Full Report

Gotham Asset Management LLC, a prominent investment firm, has recently increased its stake in Royal Caribbean Cruises Ltd. (NYSE:RCL) by nearly 30%. According to a recent filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), Gotham Asset Management LLC now owns 67,094 shares of the company’s stock, with a total value of $6,182,000. This significant increase in holdings reflects the confidence Gotham Asset Management LLC has in the potential growth of Royal Caribbean Cruises.

But Gotham Asset Management LLC is not alone in recognizing the value of Royal Caribbean Cruises. Other institutional investors have also made notable changes to their positions in the company. For instance, ST Germain D J Co. Inc. has increased its stake in Royal Caribbean Cruises by 65% during the third quarter, further adding to the positive sentiment surrounding the company. Similarly, Hollencrest Capital Management has seen a staggering 494.2% increase in its holdings in the second quarter. These notable investments made by various firms indicate a growing belief in the future success of Royal Caribbean Cruises.

In addition to these institutional investors, individual insiders at Royal Caribbean Cruises have also shown confidence in the company’s potential. CEO Michael W. Bayley recently sold 11,753 shares, while Director Arne Alexander Wilhelmsen sold 284,766 shares. These actions by company insiders can often be seen as a vote of confidence in the company’s performance and future prospects.

With all this positive activity surrounding Royal Caribbean Cruises, it comes as no surprise that the company’s stock has been trading up by 1.0%. Currently priced at $123.34, Royal Caribbean Cruises has shown strong performance in the market. Its fifty-day moving average stands at $122.81, indicating a steady progress, while the 200-day moving average hovers around $107.21, suggesting a sustained positive trend. The company’s stock has a 1-year high of $133.77, signaling its impressive growth over the past year.

On the financial front, Royal Caribbean Cruises boasts a market capitalization of $31.66 billion. With a PE ratio of 19.83 and a beta of 2.54, the company demonstrates a solid foundation for further success. Additionally, the debt-to-equity ratio stands at 4.03, indicating a healthy balance between liabilities and equity. With a current ratio of 0.19 and a quick ratio of 0.16, Royal Caribbean Cruises shows strong financial stability, ensuring its ability to meet short-term obligations.

Overall, the positive sentiment surrounding Royal Caribbean Cruises is fueled not only by institutional investments but also by the company’s financial strength and the confidence shown by insiders. As a leading cruise company operating worldwide, Royal Caribbean Cruises offers a range of itineraries under its brands: Royal Caribbean International, Celebrity Cruises, and Silversea Cruises. With a fleet of 65 ships, Royal Caribbean Cruises is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing demand for vacation cruises.

For those interested in further research and analysis of Royal Caribbean Cruises, MarketBeat offers valuable insights. While Royal Caribbean Cruises currently holds a “Moderate Buy” rating among analysts, MarketBeat has identified five other stocks that are deemed to be better buys by top-rated analysts. To discover more about these stocks and their promising long-term outlooks, click here.

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