RS Q E-Tron: Audi’s dirty devil in the Dakar is put to the test

Audi is ready to get dirty in the Dakar Rally.


Audi want compete in grueling Dakar Rally next year, but instead performing a conventionally powered off-roader, the brand of the four rings is set put in his field new RS Q E-Tron, a rugged rugged little dirty devil with an electrified transmission. In advance of the big event in January, test of this prototype model and now in course.

The Ingolstadt-based car manufacturer wants to be there first for win Dakar with an alternative power supply vehicle. Unlike other races machines set for compete in this arduous rally, the RS Q E-Tron it is electrically powered. A motor generator unit is mounted on each axle, providing four wheels drive it’s a maximum production of 500 kilowatts, about 670 horsepower, although the vehicle you may not be allowed to have that much during the race. All that dizzying-up should allow the RS Q E-Tron to accelerate from 0 to 62 mph on loose surfaces in less than 4.5 seconds.

These propulsion groups are taken in loan from the Audi E-Tron FE07 Formula E car, only slightly modified for use in this application. Like it in other electric vehicles, no conventional transmission is required here and regenerative braking is supported. The front and rear transmissions of the RS Q E-Tron are not physically linked, but via software the vehicle can simulate having a lockable center differential for improved traction in punitive conditions.

The look of the RS Q E-Tron like a quite capable off-Street race machine.


How for the battery is proprietary design, weighs approximately 815 lbs and has a capacity of about 50 kWh. That is great, but where should you charge an electric vehicle? in the goal of the desert? Well, this is where the RS Q E-Tron gets really smart. is also features a 2.0-liter turbo engine that powers a third generator unit that recharges the battery. Basically, this vehicle it’s a series hybrid. When internal combustion engines are used as generators, they can be driven in an arrow range for maximum efficiency. In the RS Q E-Tron, this four-cylinder should run between 4,500 rpm and 6,000 rpm, where consumption of less than 200 grams is expected of fuel per kilowatt hour of electricity produced.

The Audi RS Q E-Tron it was created from the earth up in less than 12 months. Even give to engineers more headache, rules for alternative alternative power supply vehicles had not been finalized when work started, that also took place during a global pandemic. This vehicle will suffer a lot of test starting from now until main event, the Dakar Rally, kicks off next January. It will be fascinating to see how this innovative off-Street vehicle performs at event.

RS Q E-Tron: Audi’s dirty devil in the Dakar is put to the test

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