“Rufco” for Al-Arabiya: the leaps of iron on a global level have exceeded 100% since the beginning of the year

Rfovco’s general manager, Ahmed Al-Ansi, confirmed in an interview with Al-Arabiya that the increase in demand for the logistics sector is justified by the repercussions deriving from the outbreak of the Corona virus in the light of the transition to e-commerce.

He explained that “Rufco” is a Saudi national steel mill. Thanks to the use of local SABIC iron, we have been in able to meet the demand Despite the pandemic conditions.

He pointed out that most companies have switched to electronic services, which have increased the demand for logistics storage, in particularly the shelf sector, which is an essential element in the goods storage sector.

And he talked about the increase in the prices of materials prime, as the company saw its sales increase last year by 50%, and there has also been a crazy jump in iron prices since last January of quest’year from 100% to 120% in some types of iron globally, due to large demand and lack of supply and a global employment crisis that caused the closures related to the pandemic.

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