Russell Crowe Reflects On Tragic Ending To Gladiator– Ridley Scott Said There Was No Way He Could Live

Fans of Russell Crowe will understand that Gladiator is perhaps among the best movies of perpetuity, and it played an important role in the revival of duration motion pictures.

Indiewire declares the ending of Ridley Scott’s Academy Acclaimed motion picture has actually continued making audiences psychological since its release twenty years earlier. In case you missed it, the really ending has Russell Crowe’s character, Maximus, versus Commodus, represented by Joaquin Pheonix, in the Colosseum.

While Russell handles to kill the corrupt Emperor of Rome, he passes away at the same time due to a stab injury in his lungs prior to going out on the battleground. Apparently, Ridley at first prepared for Russell’s character to live.

However after the movie advanced, and the state of mind was developed, Ridley said to him there was no other way Russell’s character could live. It simply needed to end with Maximus’ passing. In a brand-new interview with Empire Publication, Crowe reviewed the renowned motion picture’s ending.

When Scott approached him with the concept,

He remembered the time. Russell said it felt right, since the character’s line, “my name is Maximus,” was generally like a suicide note straight off thebat Russell said Scott approached him and said he could not see how Maximus could live.

Scott asked what would Maximus even do when he lastly finished his act of revenge? The whole motion picture focuses on avenging the death of his killed better half and child. Russell concurred, joking that it’s not like he was going to “run a f*cking pizzeria by the Colosseum.”

Furthermore, his final speech has more weight with his death, therefore, it was merely the right decision to produce the character. It wasn’t all drama behind the scenes. Crowe said it was difficult to movie the speech scene since whenever he took off the helmet, it made his hair stand.


Russell joked that he attempted to do it gradually, however no matter what he did, 2 pieces of hair constantly stood and made him look like a “Teletubby.” Ridley repaired the problem by focusing on his face and leaving out the back of his head.

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