Russell Wilson wants Seahawks throwback uniforms, and he might get his wish

Russell Wilson on Wednesday night revealed the rarity that is a nearly generally shared viewpoint: More NFL throwback uniforms, please.

The 31- year-old Seahawks quarterback shared a photoshopped photo of himself in a uniform that looks like the appearance Seattle’s NFL franchise put on from its birth in 1976 to its first significant modification in2002 He obviously captured wind of a report that the NFL is thinking about dropping the ridiculous one-helmet guideline it produced 7 years back.

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The Seahawks’ silver helmet and trousers look is sharp. It would be an incredible addition to what’s currently the the league’s second- best consistent set in our estimate.

Now, if the NFL would simply permit it.

“There will be no change for the 2020 season,” NFL spokesman Brian McCarthy told Pro Football Talk regarding the rule that limits players to just one helmet per year. ” There are continuous conversations for a possible modification for the 2021 season, however no choices have actually been made.”

The guideline was carried out in 2013 as part of the league’s injection of safety steps. (Helmets need to be broken in prior to they can be thought about safe for game usage.) It likewise requires teams to select simply one helmet color due to the fact that it restricts players to one helmet per year. Teams are enabled to use throwback uniforms as long as the default helmets are utilized within the set.

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If the NFL drops the guideline, teams would be enabled to consist of numerous helmet colors in their consistent sets for the first time considering that the 2012 season. Believe white helmets with throwback searches for the Cowboys, Patriots and Buccaneers. Gold helmets for the Steelers. Red for the Falcons and Costs. Kelly Green for the Eagles.

More helmet color alternatives would suggest more throwback consistent alternatives, and more throwback uniforms would suggest more jersey sale chances.

For the constantly money- yearning NFL, this need to be a no-brainer. Or, as Wilson put it, “a must.”

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