Russia..a new way to obtain selenium nanoparticles for immunity

The press service of the North Caucasus Federal University reported that university specialists have developed a new method for obtaining selenium nanoparticles to increase the immunity of humans and animals.

The department indicates that the new method will soon be used in the production of feed additives, fertilizers and medicines.

“University scientists have managed to obtain selenium nanoparticles, which can have a positive and beneficial effect on the immune system of humans and animals. The use of selenium can significantly increase crop yields and livestock productivity,” the ministry said in a statement.

Selenium nanoparticles can be added as food additives.

“We have already tested selenium nanoparticles on laboratory animals and agricultural plants. We did not notice any side effects, but there was an increase in immune function and stabilization of growth processes,” says Andrey Naghdalyan, senior researcher at the Research Laboratory of Food and Industrial Plants. Biotechnology.

He added that seeds treated with selenium nanoparticles produced more sprouts compared to untreated seeds. In the near future, university scientists plan to start production of feed additives and fertilizers based on these particles. After conducting detailed and comprehensive studies of its effects on the human body, the process of manufacturing medicines and medicines begins.

It should be noted that selenium is one of the chemical elements necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Deficiency of this element leads to a decrease in productivity and increases the risk of cancer. This element is normally toxic and poorly absorbed by the body. As for the nanoparticles included in its composition, it will not have any side effects due to its very small size, and this has been proven by the results of numerous tests and experiments carried out on animals and plants.

Source: TASS

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