Russia accuses: “Kyiv bombed Zaporizhia”… and Grossi is “unacceptable”!

Charges have again been renewed between Russia and Ukraine for targeting Europe’s largest nuclear power plants.

The Russian Defense Ministry announced on Sunday that Ukrainian missiles targeted power lines at the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, located in southern Ukraine.

“no radioactive emissions”

Rinat Karcha, an official at the Russian nuclear energy company ‘Rosenergo Atom’ also confirmed that the huge Russian-controlled nuclear plant was bombed from Ukraine, but no radiation leak was detected, according to the news agency. Russian press TASS.

The adviser to the company director added that 15 shells were fired at the station facilities.

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Furthermore, he explained that those missiles were launched near a dry nuclear waste repository and a building containing new quantities of spent nuclear fuel.

However, he confirmed that no radioactive emissions were detected.


In turn, the director general of the International Atomic Energy Agency, Rafael Grossi, confirmed that the explosions occurred near the site of the sprawling station, yesterday evening and this morning, stressing that the matter is completely unacceptable.

He also stressed that these goals must stop immediately and immediately.

Last Thursday, the Agency’s Board of Governors adopted a new resolution calling on Russia to withdraw from the station and stop what it is doing against nuclear sites in Ukraine.


Interestingly, in recent months, Russia and Ukraine have exchanged allegations of bombing of the site, which has resulted in the destruction of buildings and threatened a nuclear catastrophe.

While the station has had to operate on standby generators several times since Russian forces took control of it shortly after the start of the war.

This complex is an important source for supplying electricity to Ukraine, as that station, which is located on the southern bank of a huge reservoir on the Dnipro River, which separates Russian and Ukrainian forces, supplies the country with more than 20% of its needs electric.

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