Russia announces the completion of the controversial Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline

The Russian giant “Gazprom” announced today, Friday, that the construction of the “Nord Stream 2” gas pipeline connecting Russia to Germany has been “completely completed”, after a strategic workshop that has been delayed several times due to threats of US sanctions and geopolitical tensions.

In a message posted on its Telegram channel, the company said: “During a morning operational meeting in Gazprom, group general manager Alexei Miller stated that this morning at 08:45 Moscow time (05:45 GMT), the construction of a line has been completed Nord Stream 2 full pipes.

The pipeline that extends under the waters of the Baltic Sea is expected to double deliveries of Russian gas to Germany, the main promoter of the project. But for its critics in In Europe as in the United States, the project will in the long run increase the energy dependence of European countries on Russia, the great strategic opponent of Western countries.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russian President Vladimir Putin have not stopped stressing that Nord Stream is nothing more than a purely commercial project without a political dimension.

The pipeline, which has a capacity to transport 55 billion cubic meters of gas per year, extends 1,230 kilometers under the waters of the Baltic Sea, the same route as the Nord Stream 1 project, in service since 2012.

For years, Washington and Berlin have faced each other over the project, as have Russia and Ukraine, an ally of the West against Moscow, which sees the management of the pipeline as a weakening of its position.

Finally, Washington’s change of position after Joe Biden’s arrival in the White House allowed a German-American deal to try to end this dispute.

Ukraine believes the pipeline could deprive Kiev in the long run of the annual revenues of at least $ 1.5 billion it currently collects from the transit of Russian gas through its territory to Europe, as well as undermining its influence on aggression. Russian.

The German Chancellor confirmed in late August from Ukraine that his country would do whatever it was in her power to extend the Russian-Ukrainian transit contract, which expires in 2024. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky told her he considered Nord Stream 2 a “dangerous geopolitical weapon”. “

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