Russia backs Pacific Fleet with new cruise missile ships

The Russian plant “Amur” reported that work is underway in its workshops to create new missile ships of the “Karakurt” type for the Navy.

The message of the plant says: “At present, work is underway at our plant to complete the construction of the main structures of the Karakurt Rzhev missile ship, which is being developed as part of the state project 22800 for the Pacific Fleet of the Russian Federation. Army”.

The chief designer of the plant, Yevgeny Ionin, said: “The main power equipment has been installed in the hulls of the new Regev ship at our plant, work is underway to lay pipelines for power systems and in these structures, specialists on this ship are assembling air conditioning systems, fans and electric compressors “. , and in accordance with the schedules, work is underway to create new ships of the Karakurt type in the interests of the Russian army.

The ship “Regiv” is the first ship of the “Karakurt” type, developed at the Russian plant “Amur” for the Pacific Fleet, it is planned to manufacture 4 ships of this type for the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The Karakurt ships, being developed by Russia under state project No. 22800, are 67 m long, 11 m wide, displacement missile frigates with a displacement of 800 tons. They can cover distances of up to 2,500 miles at a speed of 30 knots, and carry out missions that last 15 days.

The main armament of these ships includes new 76.2 mm AK-176MA guns, AK-630M anti-aircraft systems and Caliber-NK cruise missiles.

Source: Weapons of Russia

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